Sushi Ai means "Sushi Love"

710 W Eclid Ave. Palatine

Contemporary Surrounding

Pride for Fresh Sushi & Sashimi


Sushi Ai, meaning of love for sushi has been serving many Asian cuisines here in 710 W. Euclid Ave. Palatine, IL 60067 for many years. Sushi, Sashimi and more cooked cuisines will be served for your orders from the menu At Sushi Ai in 710 W. Euclid Ave. Palatine, IL 60067, quality service to our customers is the number one goal. We strive to achieve this with quality. We continuously train our staffs who take pride in their work. And, also we constantly update our employees with new ideas and techniques so they understand and work our philosophy.


Deerfield, IL My boyfriend and I wanted to break out of our regular routine of sushi restaurants. So, I searched groupon for deals at quality places and stumbled across this gem! The decoration is cute, nothing too exciting except for that samurai to greet you! We sat in the booths by the bar and it had a bright blue lighting that defiantly drew you into the bar. We came on a weekday night so it was fairly slow and was able to get seated right away.

Rolling Meadows, IL Golden dragon spicy dragon smoky bear spicy salmon roll and yellow tail tempura spicy edamame I have been wanting to try this place for while, i've seen groupons every now and then and i can't believe it took me this long! I loved everything i got here. We started off with Spicy edamame and OMG best thing ever!! it was so good! We tried the Golden Dragon, Spicy Dragon, Smokey bear, spicy salmon roll and yellow tail tempura roll. All of them were really good! I can't wait until i come back and try some other rolls, the service there was great and they were very friendly.

Chicago, IL Sushi-Ai continues to be a top-notch extravaganza of flavor. We went in last week for my sister's birthday - she wanted sushi, which I am so thankful for! Our server was fantastic, and (almost) everything was on point. (more on that later.) We ordered... well, we ordered A LOT. Basically everything that did not include: 1. cream cheese (it doesn't belong in sushi, does it? 2. asparagus (my dad doesn't like it.) So, there were probably 10 full sized rolls on the table, as well as the tuna rice appetizer, and we each got one of those bomb $4 house salads.

Sushi Ai Events 2017

Taste of Sushi Ai Come and join us at Taste of Sushi Ai at 710 W Euclid Ave. Palatine, IL 60067. We have various kinds od Sushi, Sashimi and many other kitchen foods served with drinks...

Chef Sam Lee's special show

Sushi Ai Fest

Sushi Ai annual contest for tasting